Marvel, Star Wars, James Bond, the new DCU launching later today… cinema is seemingly dominated by super franchises. Maybe Avatar is breaking through to become another one? In this landscape you would always worry that big budget, adult sci-fi might have trouble not just breaking through, but getting made in the first place.

When Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Part One was released into the teeth of the tail end of a pandemic, with cinema closures and day and date HBO Max options for viewers, you feared the worst. Luckily, it performed staggeringly well despite the significant headwinds, garnered nominations and awards, and Dune Part Two was greenlit. That has now completed principle photography and is deep into post-production.

How peaceful Arrakeen looks… it won’t last.

As any fans of the book know, Dune Part Two is where things really step up a gear. Part One saw the Atreides take control of Arrakis, only to be the victims of a surprise attack from the Harkonnen, the previous custodians of the planet known as Dune. The attack was seemingly carried out with the support of the Emperor as part of a wider plot against House Atreides.

The movie ended just before the mid-point of the original novel, with Paul Atreides and his mother escaping the slaughter and linking up with the desert dwelling Fremen.

Dune Part Two promises more intrigue, the reveal of the political machinations and plots, an insurrection, and eventually an all out war across Arrakis. Dune Part One was the world-builder and scene setter.


Dave Bautista will reprise his role as “The Beast” – Rabban Harkonnen – in the sequel. In an interview with Collider he has promised that fans won’t be disappointed, and that Dune Part Two will be just as intense as fans of the book would expect.

“The first film was just an introduction to what this film is.

There’s just so much going on, it’s so much more cutthroat and political and intense. And there are moments of levity where [there are] some funny moments, and they’re kind of absurd humor, but there are those moments.

So it’s just so much more amped up than the first film.”

Dune Part Two is simply one of our most anticipated movies this year here at the Outpost. 3rd November 2023 is the date. Lock it in and witness the rise of the Kwisatz Haderach.

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