There has been talk of alternative versions of Battlestar Galactica for many years. Bryan Singer was spinning up a movie version, said to be a continuation of the original 1970s TV show. That version ended up dead, probably buried under a pile of non-disclosure agreements after a pool party.

Then Ronald D. Moore’s version was announced. Much skepticism gave way to great feedback as some truly excellent sci-fi for adults rolled out. For a few brief years, we were happy geeks.


In 2019 came word that a new series was in development for Peacock, with Mr. Robot showrunner Sam Esmail producing. Then a new movie was also rumored. Duelling Battlestar Galactica? A head-to-head the likes of which we haven’t seen since Octopussy and Never Say Never Again gave us the “Battle Of The Bonds” in the 1980s?


Not quite. It seems they are not in competition, but complimentary.The TV pilot is still in the works, while Battlestar Galactica the movie has Simon Kinberg writing and producing alongside Dylan Clark. Kinberg outlined this in a Collider interview:

“We are in the process of going out to directors and the hope is to attach a director and start prepping the movie this year. It’s a megillah, humongous film and the prep will be a very long prep period so I would imagine even if we attached a director today it would take six, nine months to prep this movie properly.

So at the earliest, we’d be shooting at the end of this year. We’d probably be shooting at the beginning of next year. Time will tell who the director is and then you or someone else will tell who the director is.”

He then confirmed that both the film and the planned TV series are far more linked than has been reported on:

“In terms of the situation with Sam and the show, I can’t say too much about it other than there is synergy between the two enterprises and constant communication between us. We’ve become close and been having a really good time together and there will be, for lack of a better phrase and it’s an overused phrase, a shared universe.”

Where does this leave the 70s version vs. the Ron Moore version? Is this a reboot?

“There are connections, but it is certainly not simply a continuation or a remake of Ron Moore’s masterpiece.”

Clear? As mud? Of course, they tried a second, buddy series alongside the Ron Moore show – Caprica. That was canceled after failing to pull in the viewers but it has found an appreciative audience on revisiting more recently. Many praise its thoughtful themes and adult orientation.

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