It seems that The Blob has gone from campy horror and turned into a courtroom drama.

More often than not these days that old movie franchises find themselves in legal loopholes. This time it’s the producers of the jelly-like alien, The Blob that they are fighting for the rights to, bring a remake to life.

The first talks of a remake were way back in 2009. Back then Rob Zombie, director of a number of horror movies (the 2007 Halloween remake, Lords of Salem and House of 1,000 Corpses to name a few) was connected to the remake of The Blob. He eventually walked away from it.

It’s now been 12 years and the producers, Richard Saperstein (who was behind Cell, Frequency, and even The Mist) and Brian Witten (Chernobyl Diaries, Silent Night, The Barrens, Books of Blood, Creepshow) are looking for more time to finish the project. One of the reasons they claim for the delay is Covid19, of course.

Worldwide Entertainment Corporation is pushing back on their request. The company is run by Judith Harris, whose late husband was the head of the studio when they produced the original The Blob back in 1958.

Seeing it’s been over a decade now, it seems Worldwide Entertainment Corporation either wants the movie finished or canned. Saperstein and Witten claim they have more than $418,000 wrapped up in this remake as of now. They also claim to have made a verbal agreement with Harris on an extension, but never confirmed.

The Blob 1988 remake

A report claims the following:

“In Los Angeles Superior Court, Saperstein and Witten are now suing to retain rights,”

“They claim that Harris orally agreed to an extension and then failed to put it in writing despite multiple emails and even a $50,000 offer. And if a judge doesn’t recognize this as an oral agreement, they are falling back on the claim that COVID-19 represents a force majeure event that ‘prevented them from attempting to produce the Picture, and as a result, the Extension term must be tolled through the present date.’ “

The Blob in 1958 was the film debut of Steven McQueen and was later remade in 1988 as a more serious toned horror movie.

It will be interesting to see what will come of this legal battle, if the producers are successful, and what this newer remake of The Blob will be.

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