The bat is out the bag (pun intended)! Batfleck is back again and will be seen in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. Jason Momoa revealed the news on social media after the pair was spotted by fans on a Warner Bros bus tour.

“Well, it’s not a fucking secret anymore, is it?”

He said as he filmed the excited fans. 

“That’s what happens when you walk out of your set and there are our fans. Well, we tried to keep it a secret.”

The Snyderverse Won’t Die

Affleck played Batman in Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League, before stepping away from the role claiming the role caused him both professional and personal strife.

He will also be seen in The Flash in 2023 – providing Ezra Miller continues to stay out of the limelight until then.

With two Wonder Woman films and a rumoured third, these two Aquaman movies as well as references to this universe in Shazam and no doubt again its sequel. We have the upcoming Black Adam, a character which is intricately linked to Shazam. This suggest that the Snyderverse is alive and well.

How strange that a company that despises the Snyderverse and its fanbase continue to use the Snyderverse. Modern Hollywood summed up ladies and gentleman.

Batfleck Justice League
The Snyderverse. So bad that Warner Bros continue to use it.

So Where Is Superman?

While we obviously have no details how Batman fits into Aquaman 2, it bemuses me why WB are happy to regularly bring back a man who has publicly stated he hates playing Batman. Meanwhile the man who absolutely loves being Superman, Henry Cavill gets nothing.

It’s blatantly apparent the fans want the return of Cavill’s Superman. WB know this which is why they continually use Cavill’s name to promote their superhero movies. When it was rumoured that Cavill would be making a surprise appearance at Comic-Con for Black Adam, his name was trending higher than Black Adam on Twitter. 

Rumours are now claiming that Cavill is holding out for much more money to return. I don’t blame him, he obviously knows his worth to this franchise. Man Of Steel is nearly 10 years old and fans are chomping at the bit for a standalone sequel.

As well as the films mentioned above, we’ve also had three, that’s right THREE films focused on Harley Quinn! So if a C-List character gets the rub of the green what in the name of Krypton is going on over at WB?

Dare I say it’s nothing more than spite towards to the fanbase. Very similar in vein to other franchises such as Star Wars and Star Trek – they give us everything but what we want.

Man Of Steel. Better than 90% of Marvel films. Come at me bro!

Aquaman 2

Anyway, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will see Momoa reprising his role as Aquaman alongside Patrick Wilson as Orm. Other returning cast members include Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Black Manta as well as Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren and Amber Turd Heard (apparently). James Wan is set to resume directing duties.

The film promises to be bigger and more ambitious and is due for release in March 2023.

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