Who wouldn’t have loved to live in the Old West? The gun fights, the whiskey, and the ladies at the local whore house with more STDs than a rancher has cattle. It seems that Jason Bateman would like to visit there, in movie form that is, via The Pinkerton.


He is set to direct The Pinkerton, which will be about the real-life detectives and security guards, Allan Pinkerton and Edward Rucker. They were initially known as the North-Western Police Agency and even foiled an assassination attempt on Abraham Lincoln, but obviously not the Ford’s Theatre one.

Allan Pinkerton was a Scottish-born flat-foot and Edward Rucker was an attorney from Chicago. There has been a series about the Pinkertons already, but this new version is slightly different.

The original TV series from 2014
The original TV series from 2014

The Pinkerton will not only be solving crimes and stopping assassinations, but it’s also going to be a ‘supernatural revenge Western’. Yes, a series about a pair of Western detectives isn’t good enough, they need to chuck in a couple of ghosts in there as well.

Bateman is no stranger to directing, cutting his teeth on episodes of Arrested Development, Family Matters, and Ozark. He also directed Bad Words and The Family Fang.

The Pinkerton will be co-produced by Bad Robot and Warner Bros.

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