The Wolf of Snow Hollow is an interesting movie to say the least. It’s a werewolf movie, but kind of outside of the box of the typical werewolf movie genre. It focuses more on the characters and less on the plot. Adding to that, the movie’s dark humor and horror elements, all of which makes for an entertaining concept.

Before The Wolf of Snow Hollow, I had never heard of Jim Cummings and going by the spelling of his name, I would have assumed he was a pornstar. He’s the writer, director and main star of this and apparently became popular from his movie Thunder Road. Which is a short film he also starred, directed and wrote. If he’s even half as good in that as here, I have to see it.

One of the most interesting aspects of this movie is the location. It takes place in, wait for it… Snow Hollow. I assume by the name it’s always pretty snowy there or maybe just because the movie takes place around Christmas time. Either way, it’s something you don’t often see with werewolf movies and it was kind of refreshing.

John Marshall (Jim Cummings) is a police officer in this small town. He’s investigating the murders going on. The main reason for the location this movie takes place being so interesting is everyone believes it’s an animal doing the killings. Being there’s so much area, it does seem plausible, but John doesn’t believe it, even when scientific evidence is shown to him.

While John tries to convince himself and his staff the murders are being done by a human, his stress begins to boil over and he starts to unravel. This isn’t helped as he deals with his father who’s in bad health and his daughter who hates him and is rebelling. All of which is how the movie is built on the characters.

As this happens, we see how paranoia begins to take hold of those living in the town and they begin to resent John more and more. Meanwhile, the werewolf continues to rip women apart and leaves the police with… dead ends.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is less of a horror movie and more of a mystery thriller, but nonetheless has some interesting characters, great encounters and a lot of fun dark humor. It does a pretty good job of balancing all of that, although it takes a minute to really get started. If you’re looking for a unique spin on the werewolf genre, you should definitely check it out.