Will Smith needs a hit.  After Earth was a disaster.  Gemini Man sank without a trace.  He declined Suicide Squad 2.  The first one of those made bank, despite serious quality issues.

So like all in need of a career jolt its time to return to a previous hit, cross fingers and hope for the best.  It looks like the prayers may have worked for Smith.

Tracking estimates are coming in for the long-awaited third instalment Bad Boys For Life. The Will Smith and Martin Lawrence franchise is looking at a $40-$45m opening weekend for the MLK holiday.

It is nowhere near the record, set at $108m by Clint Eastwood with American Sniper for that weekend.  However this sequel had a budget of $90m which is positively frugal these days.  It will turn a healthy profit pretty quickly on those numbers.

The comically over the top Bad Boys 2 pulled in $273.3 million worldwide 16 years ago.

In the new movie, police inspector Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) and midlife crisis suffering Mike Lowery (Smith) have to work together again when an Albanian mercenary seeks revenge on them.

The same cannot be said of Dolittle, the expensive Robert Downey Jr passion project from Universal.  On a budget of $175m, and arriving the same weekend, the tracking is low.  $25m, maybe $30m at a push.

Sherlock 3 therefore beckons.  Then wait for Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness to open a way to a return to the MCU perhaps?