What’s the highest grossing movie of 2020? Go on, guess? And then just like I did, realise you are completely wrong and be amazed that it’s Bad Boys For Life. Seriously. The truncated 2020 movie season with cinemas shuttering mid way through March globally has meant the third Bad Boys movie remains top of the pile with nearly $500 million at the box office on a $90 million budget.

Given that Martin Lawrence hadn’t been a box office draw for a while, and Will Smith seemed suddenly unable to buy a hit, it won’t be nearly twenty years before we see them again. The gap between the second and third movie will not be repeated.

Fans and critics were cautious, fearing a tedious retread cashing in on the name. What they actually got was successful and was praised for allowing the characters to have matured along with the actors. Hence the box office rewards.

Now producer Bruckheimer doesn’t just confirm it is being thought about, but says it’s quite deep into development. Speaking to Collider to promote his new series Hightown, he confirmed a draft is nearly complete.

Bad Boys for Life included a credits scene that seemed to set-up the sequel, and movie itself gave Mike Lowery (Smith) something from deep in his past to deal with.

It also introduced the younger AMMO team played by Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton and Alexander Ludwig who are expected to feature in some form, as their dynamic with the older cops was an important part of Bad Boys 3.

Bad Boys For Life is currently widely available for rental via VOD services.