Midway is taking a beating among the reviewers, but it’s still top dog at the box office. Roland Emmerich’s $100 million World War II epic is in the number one slot with $17.5 million in the bank.

However, the good news ends there.  Even at number one this week, and well ahead of the $13m tracking figure from last week, Midway will have to show legs and longevity to make its money back.

It could be worse.  It could be Doctor Sleep.  It opened soft.  Very soft.  It had good reviews and was expected to hit $25 million for the weekend.  Instead, it limped to $14 million and the international take was a derisory $5.6 million.  On a budget of $50 million.

This puts it into the $80m to $100m total gross worldwide bracket.  Given how things play out this would mean a $20 million to £30 million loss for the studio.

While IT made an obscene amount of money, Pet Semetary only just broke the $100 million barrier.  Does that mean that the bandwagon that was jumped on after IT has stalled? Stephen King adaptions are not the crazy moneyspinner Hollywood thought they were?  “Monkey see/Monkey do” yet again from the suits?

Let’s make no bones about it.  This is a bad season for Hollywood.

Terminator: Dark Fate imploded and failed so hard that its stars will require counselling. Next week’s big release is Charlie’s Angels and early news on that is bad, with tracking even worse.  It’s looking softer than my cock in the presence of Kristen Stewart.

Coming hot on the heels of The Goldfinch and Motherless Brooklyn, it does make you wonder how much longer Sony Pictures can go on.  It had 007 money covering up its failures for a while but that money is long gone as Bond has moved to Universal with a new deal.  Venom did well cash-wise but was terribly received by fandom so it’s sequel legs are questionable.  They are running on fumes from Spider-Man and they have to split that cash with Marvel.  They need a hit, and they need one bad.

Joker continues to inch towards the magic $1 billion mark on a $62.5 million budget with another $9 million this weekend and is now the most profitable comic book movie of all time.

Sony will be desperately searching its rights folder to see what villains they can give the same treatment to.  Expect Sinister Six news soon as Sony throws its survival dice.

Disney, of course, has no worries. Frozen 2 is imminent and Star Wars can come in significantly behind the last two entries and still turn a profit.  Unless, of course, these rumours of extensive reshoots and $100m additional budget are true, and the fans really do stay away.

Until then, there is not a lot we can do but sit back, relax, laugh at Charlie’s Angels and wonder how long it’s going to take for Hollywood to figure out that girls just don’t go to the movies the same way as guys?