The Discovery Channel travels time in a new four-part series that involves Back To The Future‘s Christopher Lloyd hunting down modified DeLoreans.

Back To The Future

Lloyd is on a mission to locate the DeLorean DMC-12 that was transformed into a time machine in the classic 1985 sci-fi adventure film.

The DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) was an American car manufacturer formed by John DeLorean in 1975. It is remembered for the one model it produced, the stainless steel DeLorean sports car featuring gull-wing doors. Its brief and turbulent history ended in receivership and bankruptcy in 1982.

In October 1982, John DeLorean was videotaped in a sting operation agreeing to bankroll drug trafficking but was acquitted on the basis of entrapment.

In this new series, the Doc teams up with Expedition Unknown host Josh Gates to track down the other versions of the dimension-busting car. As you may know, the main DeLorean rests at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, but as it turns out, the franchise used six other versions.

Back To The Future

The duo head out on a quest for the perfect DeLorean time machine, which will be given to Lloyd’s BTTF co-star, Michael J. Fox, to sell at auction to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Here’s the trailer –

During their quest, they meet with Fox, Lea Thompson and others who were connected with Back To The Future. There’s even a cameo from Mr Strickland in his post-high school career as a security guard.

The pair also catch up with Bob Gale, who co-wrote the screenplay for Back To The Future with director Robert Zemeckis (and wrote Part II and Part III) and eventually wax lyrical with DeLorean experts, collectors, and Future superfans to learn more about the lore of the legendary ride.

Back To The Future

All four episodes of the Back To The Future special will premiere on March 15th on Discovery+, and then 2 weeks later on Discovery.