I keep seeing this on twitter (which I have a love/hate relationship with to begin with). But according to Twitter, Back to the Future: The Musical is coming to London stages August 20th, 2021.

Back to the Future YouTube Link

There’s a trend to make popular movies into Broadway over the top musicals. I mean all of us wanted Mean Girls: the Musical or School of Rock: the Musical!

Did you like Beetlejuice when it was that weird Tim Burton movie from 1988? Then you’re gonna love Beetlejuice: the Musical!

Beetlejuice YouTube Link

Side note I really like the actor that plays Beetlejuice, Alex Brightman. He needs to do something awesome. Also in this performance, they call out Adam Driver for killing Han Solo.

Anyway, this trend has been going on since the 1990s to cannibalize decent Hollywood movies to make them into theatre experiences that are super expensive.

Footloose on Broadway!

Footloose on Broadway YouTube Link

This I actually saw. The one musical on Broadway I’ve actually seen in New York City, and shamefully it was this. My dad bought the tickets as a high school graduation gift, because he knew I liked Broadway shows and didn’t want to watch Rent. And I remember Katey Sagal played the mom.

The one time this type of thing was actually a really good (probably better than the source material) transition was for Waitress, which won a ton of awards and is so good!

She Used to be Mine YouTube Link 

That’s because a talented songwriter wrote the songs for a complex story about life choices and how the road of life leads you down different places. Hold up, let’s all take a moment to contemplate life choices.

She Used to be Mine – Jordan YouTube Link 

Such a beautiful song.

Okay so point is, as the world is slowly opening back up after the pandemic, live theatre is coming back into full swing and with that the London theatre thinks we need Back to the Future: The Musical! That’s the first musical we need to see! That’ll bring us all hope and make us feel okay after a year plus of isolating and missing hugs and pubs!

Back to the Future trailer YouTube Link 

The biggest name I can identify in this British production is Robert Zemeckis, he is producing this thing. So it gets his stamp of approval?

The only other name this theatre nerd can identify/recognize is Roger Bart. Bart won a Tony in 1999 for You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and then was in the Nathan Lane production of The Producers.

Apparently this was in full production in London and then Covid hit, so it paused and the full cast came back for 2021?

Broadway productions and over the top musicals are awesome. Y’all know I love them, that’s my jam. There is an escapism factor to them that I genuinely love. Even in the Netflix version of Prom they bring up how these musicals allow us to escape what we are dealing with to see something magical before our eyes. I think post pandemic world this is especially true. Using established properties and filling them with pop songs from the movie soundtrack is lazy and that needs to be addressed.

(Thanks to KK for the contribution!)

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