We have our first review! Some of you have now seen Avatar: The Way Of Water. Outposter contributions are the best, and this one comes straight from an OG Outposter who has been with us every step of our journey across the digital wilderness until we made this place to be our home – PoopyPants. This movie is going to dominate the conversation for at least a few days so if you want to submit a review, you go right ahead to [email protected] and we will run more than one. Outposters are interested in different viewpoints.

Here’s PoopyPants.


Avatar: The Way Of Water

Short, Yes I enjoyed it.

Is it better than the first? No.

Will I watch it again? Maybe, I don’t know.

Am I looking forward to Avatar 3? Sure.

Is this movie going to be savaged by the internet community? Oh fuck me, yes it will. I can’t wait for the whale memes. I laughed out loud much the same way I did when I saw Luke Skywalker milking a giant monster tit. Unexpected, and probably unnecessary.

Mild spoilers ahead.


Cameron said even back when the original Avatar was still in theatres that the sequel was going to explore the Pandora oceans and that Weaver and Lang would return, even though they were killed. Over a decade later and true to his word. That’s the entire premise of Avatar: The Way Of Water.

There’s really not much more to it than that. If you thought the first movie was pretty thin of plot, then loosen your buckles because this one is pretty much a remake of the first film with even less plot… but way more action!

Pandora is utopia populated by the little blue beings of pure light…. uh oh – here come the evil humans, whom are evil, because they’re the evil bad guys. Total pieces of interstellar shit who are just BAD. Can I get a “Boo!” for the white man? Grrrrrrrr!

I’m a little unclear on what is going on with the human presence. The reason given is inane. An armada of human ships arrive and start building an obvious set up for Avatar 3. It’s never mentioned again. Instead you’d be forgiven for thinking the presence is actually just Colonel Quaritch leading a revenge attack. That’s the whole angle. It’s also where I sort of got lost. So, bad guy Quaritch is back… only now as an avatar himself, but without his original body controlling it? Don’t ask me to explain, it’s brushed off pretty quickly as none too important.


Sully, being hunted down, decides to high tail his family out. Did he just leave the whole Navi tribe be slaughtered?

Into hiding they go, deep in all the beautiful water scenery from the trailer and it’s lovely. But here’s the thing that bothers me. It’s not photo real. Maybe it is on a technical level, but I’m not a technical level guy. I’m a guy who lives in a forest near a beach with reefs. I’m not saying the 3D isn’t impressive, it most certainly is. But saying the imagery in this movie is photo real is like saying the Star Trek Genesis sequence was shot outdoors on location. It’s just factually inaccurate.


Some shots = jaw droppingly realistic. Yet so many other shots were really cartoony. Some even seem a total step backwards from similar scenes in the first film. I’m talking straight-to-video sequel quality.

I also saw a surprising amount of jitter. $20 for a jittery HRF movie?

I remember Cameron championing high frame rate way back when HD and digital cinema were just coming onto the market, but I say it’s fucked up. 24Fps is the gold standard for narrative story telling for a reason. Save the fast frame rate for documentaries and porn.

It might sound like I didn’t like Avatar: The Way Of Water, but I actually really enjoyed it. The music is wonderful. The action is non-stop. However there are some leaps in logic that are pretty wide and when one of the animals emotes and gets subtitles I can’t help but feel that’ll never slide.

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