Well, the time for well-meaning and enthusiastic websites like ours controlling the narrative is over. No longer can a flashy press-junket influence reviewers who are just happy to be there, having their explosive medical issues solved by the power of cinema while drowning in “pwesents”. It is time for the professionals to take over with their reviews of Avatar: The Way Of Water.

Avatar Terminators

Rotten Tomatoes sits at 83% (7.3/10) now the pros are in town. Metacritic is down at 72/100. The first review we read flat out hated it:

“Watching the film [feels] like being waterboarded with turquoise cement.”

Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph

Lot’s of them talk about the look, feel and technical achievement of the movie, painting it as more of an experience than just a film:

“Cameron pulls you down so deep, and sets you so gently adrift, that at times you don’t feel like you’re watching a movie so much as floating in one.”

Justin Chang, LA Times

“Cameron’s all-encompassing style has a way of making other blockbusters feel small, vague. The Way of Water, in line with his best work, is more affecting for knowing its audience, for digging into primal feelings about being misunderstood.”

K. Austin Collins, Rolling Stone

“For now, the only thing that matters is that after 13 years of being a punchline, ‘going back to Pandora’ just became the best deal on Earth for the price of a movie ticket.”

David Ehrlich, IndieWire

The more negative reviews flip exactly that argument on its head and point to thin characters, and a laggy 2nd act. All seem to agree that it looks spectacular though, and that the 3D has moved on to the next level again.

One way or another, it is looking like a trip to the theatre is needed to make up your own mind. Previews are open for Avatar: The Way Of Water now, and general release starts in 48 hours. Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelts sign…

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