Following the official reveal of its title, Avatar: The Way of Water we are finally starting to get glimpses of what is to come of the sequel 13 years in the making. T2BLive.COM has risked the wrath of the groomers over at Disney and released these images early and as we Outposters are rebel scum, I’m sharing them too. 

The first two images show what looks like various Na’vi waiting to catch some waves. One underwater shot shows a Na’vi swimming with a giant underwater behemoth, very likely probably trying to insert its weird probing thing into its bottom.

Avatar 2
Round, round, get around, I get around wooo oooeee woooo.
Avatar 2
Trust me, I work at Disney, it won’t hurt a bit and it’ll be our little secret.

The next image looks like a teenage Na’vi complaining that the wi-fi is down and finally we see Sully, having watched Grease, donning a homemade leather jacket whilst flying his dragon thing on his way to collect Neytiri to take her to the funfair.

Mum the wi-fi here is rubbish and I can’t post pictures of my food on Insta!
Avatar 2
Grease is the word.

OK, I’m being sarcastic and bitchy. I’m looking forward to this film, but Disney has pissed me off. I’ve waited 13 years but they expect me to go and see a Doctor Strange movie just to watch the trailer.

Considering the entire world will go and see Strange 2, I’m unsure why Disney are exclusively showing the trailer before the film and then holding it back a week before we get it online. This isn’t the 80s Disney, release the damn trailer online FFS!

Avatar: The Way of Water opens everywhere on December 16th.

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