Avatar is not giving up its slot as the top grossing movie of all time without a fight. After it was toppled by Avengers: Endgame three years ago, Avatar struck back with a sneaky re-release to claw back the crown. Now, with Avatar: The Way Of Water due this December, it is getting another re-release.

Avatar 2 Main 2

As a result, the 2009 sci-fi actioner has been quietly pulled from Disney+ globally. It was on Disney+ after their acquisition of Fox. Usually movies are pulled on a market-by-market basis due to contractual obligations with broadcasters in certain territories. To pull a movie globally, with no notice or announcement is considered strange, but clearly being done to remove competition from another channel ahead of the release back to theatres.

We have had some great debates about Avatar among our Outposters here at Last Movie Outpost.

In the red corner, some of us have absolutely no idea how Avatar remains “a thing” and point to its complete lack of pop culture impact outside of the movie. This camp expects Avatar 2 to land with a splat. In the blue corner are those who point to people saying this about Titanic and Avatar, and that Cameron hasn’t let us down yet. Re: Avatar 2, they say “Wait and see!” and point to the mind-blowing online viewing figures for the trailer earlier this year.


Giving some credence, maybe, to the blue corner is the staggering statistic that Avatar has ranked in the top 10 streaming movies across all platforms and all territories outside the US for every single one of the 100 days of this year so far. Wow! So it could be a US vs. rest of world perception thing for this title.

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