Golden Globes

An award winning actress is on her way to the Mission: Impossible franchise.  Winning an Ian Charleson Award for Major Barbara, and gaining two Laurence Olivier Award nominations since then has not slowed down Hayley Atwell.  She’s certainly got big things in front of her.

Fresh from Agent Carter and Captain America, her next mission will be for Paramount Pictures and Skydance.  Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote and directed both the fifth film (Rogue Nation) and last year’s sixth entry Fallout, has signed a new deal and will return to write and direct the next two films.

Today on Instagram, he posted Atwell’s black-and-white headshot on top of a file folder with the IMF logo stamped on it and the caption:

“should you choose to accept”

Incredible Pair

These movies, the seventh and eighth in the franchise, are expected to be filmed back-to-back throughout 2020.

These are likely to be the final two movies in the franchise as these are purely Tom Cruise vehicles.  Each movie which aims to out-do the previous entry in terms of Cruise performing his obligatory, jaw-dropping stunt sequences.

Insisting on doing these sequences himself, and just three years shy of his 60th birthday, the injuries are piling up for Cruise.  When he calls it a day, Mission: Impossible is done.

No word yet on what role Atwell may play in these final two movies.  We look forward to viewing this pair over the next few years.

Massive Bazookas

Also under wraps are details of any stunts which may, or may not involve large weapons. These movies always receive a bounce in anticipation when stunt details are teased.  No doubt there will be mounds of publicity closer to the release.

The seventh film will premiere July 23rd, 2021 and the eighth will hit August 5th, 2022. Two big reasons to get to the theatre.