Age is just a number since people like Arnold Schwarzenegger are still working and still making action series, like his new one FUBAR.

This is only a teaser trailer, so it’s not giving much away, but FUBAR is a new action comedy series headed to Netflix.

Arnie has a newsletter for The Pump Daily, where he gives tips on staying healthy, cutting calories, and leaking information about this new series.

He has said that fans have been asking about a new action comedy, in the same vein as True Lies. It seems like this is why he wanted to make FUBAR.

“I’ve told you about my show, FUBAR, coming on Netflix, but I’ve had to be a little secretive. Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another big action comedy like True Lies. When Nick Santora sent me the script for FUBAR, I knew this is exactly what my fans have been asking for, and I’m so pumped to FINALLY share more with you.”

“We have a big announcement today, and I asked Netflix if I could share it with my newsletter subscribers before anyone else. They love you as much as I do, so naturally they said yes.”


According to Variety, the full synopsis reads:

“Fubar will show what happens when a father and daughter discover their entire relationship was built on a lie and that they are each CIA operatives. As the two join forces, the eight-episode series will depict themes of family dynamics with humor, action and, of course, spies.”

Ah, he has a daughter and she’s a secret agent. It was all going so well, and then this. Let’s hope it’s not another emasculation of a leading man.

FUBAR is streaming on 25th May.

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