Netflix is expecting big things from Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead. It’s got additional content ready to roll and will build out the universe. There is an animated series focused on the early days of the zombie outbreak.

There will also be a live-action prequel movie called Army Of Thieves that will tie directly into the Snyder movie.

Zack Snyder previously discussed the “Zombie Bible” which they created in order to govern their approach for different zombie types. When the trailer dropped many were surprised to see something unexpected, that zombies had some form of rudimentary society formed inside the walled-off Las Vegas.

Army Of The Dead

Now the producers on Army Of The Dead have given more information about zombie hierarchy, including the existence of so-called Alpha Zombies. In an interview for Screen Rant, Deborah Snyder and Wesley Coller spill the beans. Snyder says:

“We have our traditional shamblers, for those who like shamblers, and then we have alphas.”

Snyder then went on to confirm the existence of the first zombie and hints at the origins of the outbreak.

“I think the idea is like what else can we do? What else can make it fresh because there has been a lot of zombie content out there, so the idea that this, whether he’s genetically engineered or he has part alien in him, but Zeus escapes from Area 51 and he’s like our alpha, he’s the king daddy, he starts the outbreak.

When he bites you, we get other alphas. But if they bite you, it gets weaker and weaker and we get shamblers.

It’s been really fun because those that like traditional shamblers will get that, but we’ll get these other alphas people think are a myth. At the time of the war there were only a few of them, obviously, and then once they contain it we realize that they’re building an Army in there of these Alphas.”

Coller then built on Snyder’s comments:

“So these creatures that are mythological sort of lore, the fast ones that are unknown. Do they exist or not?

As we make our way into the city we get to explore that world, and I think part of the fun is unlike a traditional shambler, which is a threat in its own right because there is an elevated Consciousness, there’s some type of awareness we like to say that they are much like a wolf pack, so they’re not talking, they’re not communicating on that obvious of a level, but there’s a much more elevated threat in that way.”

Dave Bautista stars in Army Of The Dead as the leader of a team of mercenary commandos attempting to heist money from a Las Vegas casino after a zombie outbreak has led to the city being walled off.

Army Of The Dead hits Netflix on May 21 and will also play in selected theatres worldwide.

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