Entering Hollywood Purgatory just as Mel Gibson is leaving is Armie Hammer. Hammer will be joining Kevin Spacey in the netherworld of career and opportunity.

Hammer was accused by more than one woman of sexual assault, claims he completely denied. LAPD subsequently launched an investigation throughout much of last year but currently, no charges have been brought. There were also some private messages that alluded to sexual practices that some may deem unsavory… if you judge that kind of thing.


Armie Hammer subsequently exited or was removed from, several movies including Shotgun Wedding, Gaslit, and The Offer.

In order to pay the ferryman for his journey across the River Styx to the island of dead careers, he must now be deleted by the same industry that gives pedophiles on the run from the law a standing ovation at the Oscars and covered for Harvey Weinstein for decades.

Them’s the breaks Armie Hammer! Every so often one must be sacrificed in order to allow others to go unpunished. This year it was you. Bad luck!

The deletion will start with Will Arnett (30 Rock, Blades of Glory, Lego Batman) replacing Armie Hammer in Next Goal Wins. That is Taika Waititi’s sports comedy about Dutch-American football coach Thomas Rongen (Michael Fassbender) taking over the American Samoa national team, the lowest-ranked side in world soccer.

Elisabeth Moss, Frankie Adams, Beulah Koale, Rhys Darby, and Angus Sampson co-star in the movie. Here is the catch… it’s already been shot!

They completed filming in 2019 in Hawaii. Hammer had a cameo, and they will use reshoots to replace him with Arnett. They expanded the role to get Arnett to sign. Oooof! Way to kick an Armie Hammer while he is down!

Death on the Nile, another movie starring Hammer, can’t reshoot or cut out his scenes as he is central to the story. That is being released in February by 20th Century Studios and will no doubt be your last chance to see Hammer in movies until he is forgiven by the Hollywood Gods and allowed to escape the career afterlife.

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