Star Trek has been back for a while now, with Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard now in flight. However it’s still not really pleasing fans. So what do showrunners do at a time like this? Throw any old crap at the wall and see what sticks, usually! First place they go looking is the past, in order to mine some nostalgia for you. According to some rumors out there on the internet, Kurtzman is going back, way back.

It appears Scott Bakula may be returning to modern Star Trek television soon, and we may get to see quite a lot of him.

Giant Freakin Robot first ran the story which seems to be gathering pace. He will start with a cameo appearance on via one of the television shows on CBS All Access (soon to be Paramount+) and depending on the reception he could then be in line for a spin-off, as they did with Anson Mount’s Christopher Pike for Strange New Worlds.

Jonathan Archer was the lead of Star Trek: Enterprise and, as played by Bakula, was a bright spot in some pretty weak Star Trek in the early seasons. The show received a revamp in Season 4 and was really starting to find its feet when it was cancelled.

The early version of the Enterprise in that show was Starfleet’s first Warp 5 capable ship. Timeline-wise, it occurs just under 100 years before Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard are now set way past what could be a reasonable life-span for Archer as a character. Even an appearance in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds could be pushing it. So either time travel shenanigans or some other sci-fi trickery will be involved. Archer’s strong phase was the founding of the Federation.

In other news, Star Trek has faced delays in getting it’s new seasons up and out the door. Showrunner Kurtzman said:

“Things are just starting to shoot again. We would have been in production already on Picard, but we couldn’t be because of COVID. It’s pushed our Discovery and Strange New Worlds dates just a little bit, but I think we’re actually planning on staying on track for those.

By the time they shoot, we will have innovated with a couple shows, and we will know where we are. And we will be a little bit more down with a process.”

CBS All Access will have been re-badged as Paramount+ by the time any new shows roll.