Jason Momoa’s Aquaman was a big hit for Warner Bros. and a high spot in the DCEU that was still reeling from the Whedon cut of Justice League. Aquaman grossed about $1.148 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing DCEU film, and it made the top 20 grossing movies of all time.

Fans and critics seemed to respond to the humor and the fantasy, with the whole thing not taking itself too seriously, a frequent complaint about Man Of Steel and Batman Vs Superman. It joined Wonder Woman in the positive column for the struggling DCEU.

Now some new threads have been revealed for Aquaman to wear this time around in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Momoa himself said:

“Second round. New suit. More action”

The suit retains the basic style but loses the fins and gloves. The darker color scheme is Atlantean tech based on cephalopod’s camouflaging ability, so it’s a stealth suit that allows him to blend into the background.

Director James Wan has said that the new suit takes direct inspiration from the 1980’s blue version in the comics. He has also said the film will have a darker tone, as the title refers to the part of the Atlantean Empire that has been lost and may not be friendly.

Jason Momoa developed a story pitch for a sequel that he gave to Warner Bros. Entertainment chairman Toby Emmerich and producer Peter Safran. Momoa said he would be more involved in the development of a potential sequel. Filming was delayed due to the pandemic but started in Summer 2021.

Wan said there were several storylines that could spin out from Aquaman, with that film introducing seven underwater kingdoms that had yet to be explored fully.

Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Temuera Morrison, and Dolph Lundgren all return for December 16th 2022.

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