Begun, the streaming war has.  There will be casualties on both sides.  Putting itself out there for an early victim could be the falling giant that is Apple.

Now down to third in the smartphone charts and not having really innovated for over a decade, today it relies largely on its back catalogue of users locked into its operating systems and too lazy to switch, bolstered by over excited adult children queuing outside an Apple store on launch day lacking the self-awareness to even be embarrassed about it.

Apple TV+ was a big hope for them.  A new study has revealed the prognosis is not good.

According to the stats fewer than 10% of those Apple customers that qualified for a free year of Apple TV+ even bothered to take up the offer.  This was granted by buying an Apple device from November to January.

Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi gleaned this from Apple’s Q4 financial results and commentary.

The report highlights three explanations:

1) Apple is underestimating its take-up rate.

2) Users were just unaware that the promotion existed.

3) Customers simply aren’t interested.

When Apple TV+ launched in November the content was limited, and what it did have was poorly reviewed.  Disney+ has stormed out of the gate.  Quibi is inbound.  Amazon is investing billions in big ticket content and reigning champ Netflix somehow continues to grow.

Other streamers are coming, and some have failed before they have even got there.  With this landscape and the lacklustre launch it’s difficult to see where Apple TV+ might break through and fit in.

Better get back to developing iPants, or whatever the hell that are working on now.  Probably another version of the sodding iPhone.