The Legendary Pictures Monsterverse isn’t dead. Godzilla vs. Kong might have been the final planned movie, but Apple TV+ and Legendary Television will team up to bring us more stories from that world, in the form of a live-action TV show.

The series will kick off in San Francisco in the aftermath of Godzilla’s fight with the MUTO that leveled parts of the city in the 2014 movie.


In licensing Godzilla to Legendary for use in the franchise, Toho set down some specific conditions. One of these was that Godzilla is born of a nuclear incident and that accident take place in Japan, not the US.

This led to the title montage set in 1954, and then the 1999 time jump and the mysterious disaster at a fictional Japanese nuclear power plant named Janjira. There was to be a scene where a Godzilla carcass would be found entombed in Siberia. The idea was rejected by Legendary after the production learned that Man of Steel had a potentially similar scene.


The US Army reviewed the script, suggesting corrections for accuracy. Frank Darabont contributed some script re-writes and others were carried out, uncredited, by Tony Gilroy.

Following Godzilla in 2014, there was prequel Kong: Skull Island (2017), which told of the discovery of King Kong but updated the time setting to make it fit in the Monsterverse. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters was followed by franchise capper Godzilla vs Kong.

One theme running through all those movies was the existence of shadowy organization Monarch who knew all about the existence of the titans and worked to harness their power. The new show will be based in this world and will follow a family as they uncover secrets that link them to Monarch.


The movies have grossed a total of $2 billion worldwide at the box office.

The Monsterverse series will be executive produced by Chris Black (Star Trek Enterprise, Sliders) and comic author Matt Fraction (Hawkeye). Black serves as showrunner.

Joby Harold, Tory Tunnell, and Toho’s Hiro Matsuoka and Takemasa Arita will all executive produce.

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