A row between Apple and Fortnite creator Epic Games has been rumbling on for a while now. Suddenly it has exploded into all out war. It all started when Epic Games offered a discount on is-app currency for their game if it was bought outside the app, therefore cutting Apple out of the loop when they usually make 30%.

Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store in retaliation. Epic lawyered up. Apple lawyered up in response. Now Apple have landed a killer blow and terminated, completely, Epic’s developer account and revoked their app developer access entirely.

Epic therefore are locked out of Appleā€™s mobile game design interface and cannot maintain mobile versions of Fortnite. They also cannot update it’s games or launch new ones. This was with a much-hyped Marvel themed launch imminent. They are dead in the water.

iPhone, iPad and Mac players will also no longer be able to cross-play against those on PC or console. They are basically isolated, and on an unsupported and unsupportable app.

Just before the hammer came down Epic Games added a new skin to the game, called Tart Tycoon which was a monochrome figure in a suit with an apple for a head. They are also blocked on Google Play but currently OK on Android, or direct from Epic themselves.

This will now go to court.