It’s gonna be yuge!  The Apple TV+ sci-fi drama Foundation is based on Isaac Asimov’s novel trilogy.  It is about to break the record as the largest scale single production ever to film in Ireland.

The first season is ten-episodes long.  It will focus on The Foundation, the protagonists of the story.  They are exiles who defy a Galactic Empire to save those within it.  Jared Harris and Lee Pace star.

At a press briefing in Dublin, Screen Ireland claimed the series will create more than 500 production jobs at Troy Studios in Limerick.  David S. Goyer (uh-oh!), Josh Friedman and Skydance Television are producing.

Other shows and productions mentioned in the screen airplane briefing include Vikings: Valhalla which will shoot its 24-episode run at Ashford Studios in Wicklow.

Foundation is expected on Apple TV in 2021.