No one in Hollywood has heard of the expression “Flogging a dead horse”, as any movie that makes a bit of money will just have sequel after sequel churned out. Like, for example, Saw.

The original Saw movie was a clever, small-budget film, that caught people’s imaginations. Spiral: From the Book of Saw, which was the ninth one I think, was utter dog shit. I should know, I did the review of it. However, there are “fans” of movies like this that will just keep paying to watch it. I believe the term is “idiots”. If it’s got Jigsaw in it, they will pay to watch it.


Jigsaw and Spiral writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg have both been working on a new movie, Saw X. According to Stolberg, this new movie:

“…is gonna make John Kramer fans very happy!”

Lionsgate has now announced the latest of these movies will be released Oct 2023. Director of Saw VI and Saw: The Final Chapter, Kevin Greutert, will be helming. The plot of the movie is being kept under wraps, but it’s been said that:

“The upcoming Saw movie is planned to be very much a John Kramer story… The idea is that the story is being told from Kramer’s point of view as opposed to following the trap victims.”

Haven’t they done that with one of the other movies? I will admit, I have seen them all, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about any of them. After the first one, they are completely forgettable.

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