I am fascinated by Joker: Folie à Deux. I have a weird relationship with the first movie. I watched it and thought it was very strong. Sure, I know it has got Taxi Driver and King Of Comedy written all over it, but its just brave. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, in that Warner Bros. had let that movie be made about a DC character. Phoenix’s Oscar winning performance was mesmerising and you couldn’t look away whenever he was on screen, even if sometimes you wanted to.


And yet… and yet… I have only seen it once and feel very little desire to watch it again. Maybe because it’s not entertainment, it is an experience you kind of put yourself through.

Despite this, I now want to see where thy go next, particularly since nuggets of information started to drop about the follow-up to Joker. The project is expected to have musical elements and will be set in Arkham Asylum. Lady Gaga will star as Doctor Harleen Quinzell.


I know many Outposters roll their eyes at Gaga and musical elements, but bear with me here. Arthur wanted to be a performer, and clearly is a delusional fantasist as his whole episode with his neighbor Sophie showed in the first movie. I can see the majority of the movie being set in Arkham with the musical interludes being Arthur’s descent further into madness and representing his building fascination with Quinzell. Each episode will tell part of the story and outline his mental state. Or they could even be his defence against some barbaric treatments being administered to him. They could do something really interesting with this.

Or, it could be the difficult second album and fall on its face.

Anyway, the cast is building nicely. Now Oscar nominee Catherine Keener (Get Out, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) has been locked in for what is apparently a major role. Brendan Gleeson is on board and Zazie Beetz returns. This is a solid cast.

Catherine Keener

Who is playing who, and any character information, is tightly under wraps outside of the two leads. Todd Phillips is returning to direct and also co-wrote the script with Scott Silver.

Shooting starts this December ahead of a release on October 4th 2024.

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