So there is a lot of politics that bleeds into our discussion and many of you aren’t really happy with that. And… you’re right. While it is sometimes unavoidable thanks to the way Hollywood operates today, we would like to keep it to a minimum. However there are sometimes the boys and I do have stuff we would love to talk about. So this one post I will announce our new channel Drunken Yoda Unplugged and let you know about our first video.

NotGeorgeLucas and I discuss Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman? documentary. It’s a stellar piece of work as far as a compelling narrative, pacing, and all the other technical aspects. Whether or not you agree with the documentary is up to you. But rather than make it a big deal on this site, we decided to talk about it on my new channel.

Here it is here. For the future whatever we do on that channel will not be advertised or discussed here on Last Movie Outpost. You can make the decision whether you want to follow or not. This way those who really have no interest won’t get that on the main channel and those that do can choose to watch. We hope you like it.

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