Pussy-based musicals may not necessarily be our bag here at the Last Movie Outpost, but we absolutely love it when things go so badly wrong that you have no choice but to point and laugh. This was the case with Cats, a cinematic disaster of such epic proportions that, in days to come, it will be mentioned in the same breath as Ishtar and Heaven’s Gate.

Watching the A-List cast, including Taylor Swift, James Cordon, Sir Ian McKellan, Jason Derulo and Idris Elba slowly begin to despair, right there on screen in front of you, as their egos fell away and they realized what a terrible movie they were making, was more entertaining than the movie.

It was universally savaged by critics, even receiving one reviewer’s first ever zero-rating. It was branded an “all-time disaster” by one critic, the film was slammed as “jarring”, “a huge failure”, “soulless” and “wrong”. It failed to even put a dent in it’s estimated $95 million budget.

Even people who worked on it have been clear in their dislike for it. This movie will have to become a study item at film school, it’s that bad. And we haven’t even mentioned the Butthole Cut.

Original composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber has broken his silence about the movie, cuttingly saying:

“The problem with the film was that Tom Hooper decided that he didn’t want anybody involved in it who was involved in the original show. The whole thing was ridiculous.”

Webber co-wrote a single new song for the soundtrack – Beautiful Ghosts with Taylor Swift. It was the only thing in the movie to get a positive reception. Maybe Tom Hooper should have listened to Lloyd-Webber?

Or even better, maybe they should have got Tobe Hooper to direct. Now THAT is a movie I want to see!