With Andor now entering its home leg of the final three episodes in season one, thoughts are turning to season 2. Season one was set in 5BBY. That is five years before the Battle Of Yavin. Season two is said to time jump and take viewers right up to the events immediately before Rogue One. For that reason it is expected we will see more familiar locations from Star Wars.

There was already talk of unusual levels of construction activity on Scarif and large amounts of materials being diverted for a secret project. inclusion of the Rebel base on the planet Yavin 4 in the show’s second season.


A return to one location has been confirmed by Tony Gilroy as part of a big interview he has done with Collider, along with news of a new writer recruitment in the form of Tom Bissell, who is a declared big fan of all things Star Wars. Dan Gilroy and Beau Willimon return for the new season:

“Tom Bissell is really cool and really, really interesting, versatile, really good writer. But also a very, very, very big Star Wars fan, which we really wanted to make sure we had another pro because we’re going into Rogue [One], and we’re going to Yavin, and then we’re going into places where we eventually need to really weave our way back to the source. So Tom came in, and he’s been great. So he’s got some episodes too.”

The Yavin 4 location from Star Wars also appeared in Rogue One, several EU novels and was a level in one of the Battlefront games featuring the hurried evacuation following the destruction of the Death Star. Filming on the new season begins on November 21st.

A cutaway, simply because cutaways are cool. Copywrite: one of those Star Wars cutaway books that you really should buy… because cutaways are cool.

If you haven’t seen it yet and are planning a binge watch once all episodes are available, then read no further. If you are up to date, then read on!

**Spoilers For Andor So Far**

The show is marshalling its main players for the big finale to this season right now, with Meero torturing Bix and closing in on Andor. Luthen and Mothma are stepping up their efforts, including working out how to keep up financing while being watched by the Imperials. Galactic money-laundering being discussed in Star Wars!

The ISB has captured a Rebel pilot who revealed an upcoming attack before they staged his death in an accident.


Meanwhile, at the prison, following Ulaf’s euthanization by the prison medic, word has spread that a prisoner supposed to be released was instead sent to a work crew on a different level. This forced the prison administration to kill many work crews to cover up the mistake. The realization has dawned on both Andor and Loy that no matter what their sentence clock in their prison cell may say, nobody gets out of Narkina 5 alive.

These events, and his treatment at the hands of the Imperials, are clearly the sort of events that turn Cassian Andor from a self-centred, mercenary rogue into a committed member of the Rebellion.

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