With Marvel’s Phase 4 being something of a busted flush, but Phase 5 is looking to correct that by introducing a central villain to drive the narrative across the arcs. This was something sorely missing in Phase 4 as it sat, uncomfortably, post Endgame with a feeling that it had nothing really to do. With Fantastic Four anchored firmly in Phase 6, just when things should be coming to a head, it is no doubt that the casting of Reed Richards AKA Mr Fantastic is potentially the most important casting in the Marvel universe right now.


WandaVision showrunner Matt Shakman is directing the film which has a February 14th 2025 release date locked in. This would mean shooting has to start at some point next year.

One name that has been rumored to be in the frame for the role of Richards is Star Wars: Andor star Diego Luna. He recently appeared on Kristian Harloff’s The Sith Council podcast show where he appeared to debunk these rumors, but not entirely convincingly. He is in the UK shooting season 2 of Andor and won’t be clear until August. There will then be reshoots and pickup shots, plus anything else needed to support post-production. This is right about when Fantastic Four will be starting production. Luna had this to say:

“I just like the… I was talking about that this morning like the rumors. When you become part of rumors if half of the rumors were real, you know? It’s just incredible the amount of stuff that I see now out there. The only thing I can tell you is that, for the next two years, I’m busy. In two years, we’ll see if what I want to do is even film. Until 2024, I’m going to be doing [‘Andor’].”

When pushed, Luna declined to discuss the rumor any further. The final season of Andor will air in 2024.

Meanwhile Hollywood Insider has published its own shortlist of those in the frame for the role. According to the trade, that list is John Krasinski, Will Smith, Henry Cavill, Colin Farrell, and Lee Byung-hun.

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