Quite a few of us here are enjoying Andor very much, with the slow burn working well with the political thriller angle. Intriguing characters are woven throughout the show as it treats its audience like grown-ups. One of the most intriguing so far is ISB bureaucrat, sector supervisor and lieutenant Dedra Meero.


She is the first one to spot the patterns and to figure out what is going on. She gets told by her peers that the incidents starting to occur across the Empire are too spread out to be organized but she refuses to believe it. Spotting the patterns, doing the research, she concludes:

“I know this. If I was them…this is how I’d do it. I’d spread it out. Never climb the same fence twice.”

She is competent, yet treated badly by her colleagues in the ISB. They are, at first, condescending towards her and dismissive. It makes something strange happen to you, as a viewer. You find yourself rooting for her.

One of the most enjoyable things about Andor is that we find the Empire, with it’s Imperial structures, not in the full on moustache twirling bad guy stage just yet. Rather it is a bureaucratic beast. Top-down management, dictatorial, but still early in its slide to towards full-on fascism. Some people see it and understand the direction of travel. Others appreciate the order it is bringing. At least Mussolini made the trains run on time… right?

Smaller injustices, unwanted intrusions and petty reactionary policies are the current order of things. Dedra is, as a character, going to have to decide how far she wants to go in order to catch people involved in the plot she is uncovering.

Normally, us cynical watchers of modern entertainment would have realised at this point that she’s a woman, and it has been set up so we root for her. Therefore, there is quite clearly going to be some sort of turn in her future as her feminine shield will be activated to place her apart from the evil around her. Just like the nonsensical character of Reva in the recent Obi Wan Kenobi.

Not so, according to the actress who plays Dedra. In fact, she says we should stop rooting for her, and we soon will. Denise Gough was at the Lucca Comics And Games Convesntion in Italy at the weekend and she had this to say:

“Tony wrote the first scenes for us to cheer for Dedra, but in the end you don’t do it anymore. She is not just a woman in a men’s world, but a fascist in a world of fascists. It was important to see that power corrodes women as much as men.”

A novel approach in today’s Hollywood and potentially, if they pull this off, another tick in the box for Andor.

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