Many years ago, the Oscars were a thing. It was something that all movie lovers looked forward to. Who would win what? Who would look great in their outfits? You couldn’t wait to check out the films that were being honored.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker looking amazing!
Matt Stone and Trey Parker looking amazing!

Let’s face it, who wants to watch the Oscars these days? At one time, it felt like we were all in it together. Actors, directors, and producers would make movies for the likes of us, the humble cinemagoer.

In the past few years, it’s slowly started to become “them and us”. The rich Hollywood elite patting themselves on the back at how great they are, and caring less and less for those scabby ingrate cinemagoers.

As the years went on, the viewing figures went down and down. Now it seems like the only thing that gets talked about regarding the Oscars is whatever mess-up or incident occurs on the night.

In 2017, it was announced that La La Land won Best Picture, but in fact, it was Moonlight that won. How can you get something like that so wrong?

Last year there was that slap that suddenly had the viewing figures go through the roof and for the first time since 2017 people were suddenly talking about the Oscars again.


Who knows what the hell goes on behind the scenes at an award ceremony, other than a lot of drugs and brown-nosing.

This Sunday is the 95th Academy Awards Ceremony, so what will go wrong this year? Will it be planned? Will it be accidental? Well, why don’t you, our lovely Outposters, answer that question:

What stunt, or cock-up, will take place this year to boost the rating of the Oscars?

As a bit of fun, what do you think will happen this year? You can delve into any kind of conspiracy you like, and you can make the most outrageous guess.

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