From Knives Out to a kick-ass turn in No Time To Die, now Ana de Armas is reportedly set to shoot and kick her way to the lead roll in Ballerina, another planned spin-off from the John Wick franchise for Lionsgate. We are big fans of the Cuban actress here at Last Movie Outpost.


According to Variety the movie will be set in the world of the ballet school adjacent to the High Table, the secret society of assassins at the heart of the John Wick universe. This was revealed in John Wick 3 with Anjelica Huston at its head.

The movie will apparently tell the story of a young female assassin who seeks revenge against the people who killed her family. So far, so standard. The movie doesn’t have a small budget for this type of thing, with $50-80 mentioned in some reports.


Len Wiseman (Underworld) will direct from a script by John Wick 3 writer Shay Hatten. Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee and Chad Stahelski will produce.

De Armas still has the Gray Man and Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde, both on Netflix, in the pipe.


This isn’t the only spin-off from the John Wick universe on its way. Another, known as The Continental, will be a prequel series centered on a young Winston, the character played by Ian McShane in the movies, and tell the story of the hotel from the movie series.

Lionsgate TV boss Kevin Beggs recently gave an interview to Deadline about the show and what form it would take:

“We took a lot of pitches, and then the creative team from this obscure little show called Wayne that was on YouTube came to us with their take,” Beggs said. “We were really blown away because it solved a bunch of problems and was super exciting, about a crumbling New York in the 1970s with a garbage strike that has piled up bags of garbage to the third floor of most brownstones, the mafia muscling in on that business, which is why in ‘The Sopranos’ he’s in the sanitation business.”

Starz is currently set to host the show.

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