Well that is another year nearly done. The year we said goodbye to all sorts of restrictions, and hello to rampant inflation and a cost of living crisis. It’s almost as if the two things were connected and you could have seen it coming?

It was just a desperate picture at the box office. To give you an idea of what slim pickings we had this past year, check out the top 20 movies and their box office take:


Still, at least we still have each other, right Outposters? Keeping each other sane, no matter what idiocy flows forth from the town formerly known as Hollywood in a new year.

So say Bliadhna mhath ur with us, or Frohes Neues Jahr or Gutes Neues Jahr or Felice anno nuovo, 新年快乐, Kia hari te tau hou, Feliz Ano Novo or simply Happy New Year.

Wherever you are from, however you are choosing to celebrate… or not… come and hang out with your old pals at the Outpost and talk shit to each other for a few hours. Usual Open Thread rules apply. Pretty much anything not illegal and essentially good natured goes.

It is what the baby Jesus would have wanted.

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