Our beloved Outposters, we need your help – no this isn’t a begging letter for money so don’t panic! We just need some feedback and input.

The reason you are here reading this is because you are not an idiot. You know that a vast majority of movie websites are run by shills who willingly lie about the quality of content that Hollywood produces these days. They do this because they have no shame, no moral compass and because they want goody bags from studios in exchange for their souls.

We don’t play that game and at Last Movie Outpost we wear our hearts on our sleeves. We give credit where credit is due and on the flip side, if something is bad we throw all our fucks in the bin and let rip at it. I can honestly say that LMO is only one of a handful of websites who do this. That’s why I started coming here.

LMO Call Rebel

Rebels With A Cause

All us contributors to LMO are all just regular Joes with full time jobs and families and we do this in the little spare time we have. We do it for the love of the industry, the laughs from the shit-posting in the comments and the fact that we are massive nerds.

Would we like to be invited to studio tours, advanced screenings and see our reviews on movie posters? Of course we would but if it means bowing down to the woke mob or altering reviews and opinions to appease publicists then forget it. It’s never going to happen.

If we (and that certainly includes you, our Outposters) tow the line like everyone else, Hollywood would take another step forward in their pursuit to silence opposing voices who take umbrage at them desecrating the beloved franchises that made us fall in love with movies and TV shows in the first place.

LMO Call To Arms Maximus

The LMO YouTube Channel

As I’ve said, Last Movie Outpost is growing all the time. Traffic continues to climb. We climb the rankings. Engagement scores are good. We get interviews. Studios and media companies approach us, and we know a few of them read us, as they have told us.

We want to be more. We only started this site just over two years ago as a group of likeminded geeks. We had no idea how to build and run a website, no clue about the tech or the costs. We learnt as we went.

Now we want to go on to the next stage and build LMO. We want to run competitions and give away prizes. We’d love to be able to produce apparel of Drunken Yoda’s face on t-shirts or a range of Not George Lucas lingerie for the wife… or husband if you’re that way inclined. We don’t judge here you dirty wronguns.

We’ve recently produced enough YouTube videos that enable us to be monetised. It’s peanuts, so don’t get any allusions that us contributors are sitting on private yachts writing stories for you, the little people whilst being handed cold martinis by our servants.

To grow LMO and do all the things we want, we need to grow the site and that includes the YouTube channel. This is where you adorable little heathens come in. We could really do with some more interaction and engagement on the videos.

Give us a little bit of your time to watch a video, give it a like, share it and maybe give us a comment every now and then. We refuse to start every video with “Hey guys… like and subscribe!” but if you could subscribe, that would really help.

LMO Call Tyler

We Know You Are Out There

YouTube is an inexact science. Some videos go huge, others don’t. It’s hard to know why.

Sometimes the Livestream on Sunday is huge with loads of interactions, other times it’s very light. Sometimes it makes Not George Lucas sad and he has started drinking neat vodka during the show to drown his sorrows.

LMO Call 300

What Do You Want To See?

We know from the growing traffic to the site that there is an appetite for our content. So I’m asking, what would you like to see more or less of? What video subjects will tickle your fancy and tempt you to give us those all important likes and subscribes?

What stops you tuning in to the livestream on Sunday? Is it the time it’s on, not enough notice of the subject matter, my nasally cockney voice or maybe the site of Shawn’s little beard?

LMO Call Joker

We’d really appreciate your feedback on this Outposters, because the more we get right, the more we can build the site and the community for you, our Outposters.

If LMO grows and the number of dissenting voices gets louder and maybe, just maybe, we can turn a few things around out there in the world of entertainment.

Let us know in the comments what you would like more of, or less of, and let’s get this rebellion started properly!

John Bender

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