A little while back we had a Retro-Review of High Strung, a little-known movie starring Steve Oedekerk, Tom Willson, Denise Crosby, Fred Willard, and an uncredited pre-fame Jim Carrey.

It was directed by a guy called Roger Nygard who has directed episodes of The Office, The Bernie Mac Show, and The Loop. He has also worked as an editor on series like Who Is America?, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Comedy Store, Veep, and Grey’s Anatomy. That’s all pretty impressive.

He also directed the documentary Trekkies, which was hosted by Denise Crosby, and talked about how the fans of Star Trek have loved the show and have even had their lives shaped by it.


Getting to the point, one of our Outposters reached out to us to let us know that they knew Roger and he would be up for an interview with us here at the Last movie Outpost. Great! After a few emails, it turns out that we are interviewing him this Sunday.

We’re talking about this now since we thought it would be nice to see if there are any questions you would like to ask him? That’s not to say I’m pretty lazy and would like you lot to do all the work, well, OK… that’s partly true, but it would be good to have a section of Readers Questions for him.

You can see Roger’s IMDb profile here and check out some of the other things he has worked on, aside from Trekkies, to give you some ideas. He has also released a couple of books, one called Cut To The Monkey which is all about editing, and the other on another documentary he made titled The Truth About Marriage.

What might be interesting to ask him?

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