It may have an all-star cast and an established director, but with only $6.5 million domestic and $10 million worldwide at the weekend, David O. Russell’s Amsterdam is looking like it may be one of the biggest flops of the year. Deadline claim it is on track to lose $100 million.

$80 million budget, $70 million global marketing and PR spend will be what does the damage for Amsterdam. The movie is also not reviewing well. According to reports New Regency fully financed the movie as part of their Disney/20th Century Studios deal. This is gonna hurt!


The movie stars an unbelievable cast of Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Rami Malek, Anya Taylor-Joy, Taylor Swift, Michael Shannon, and Robert De Niro. Costs were high as it is a 1930s-set movie meaning costumes, sets, dressing all have to be period accurate. Then COVID happened and they had to switch filming locations from Boston to LA.

Amsterdam… nice.

Looks like Alan Moore’s favorite genre is increasingly the only game in box office town as adult movies that aren’t legacy sequels continue to fail to get people out to theatres. If it doesn’t need to be seen on a big screen with a bowel vibrating sound system, or likely to have geeks breathlessly discussing spoilers online, then why go out?

Pay $12 for a ticket per person and re-mortgage your home to buy some snacks, or wait just 45 days then sit at home and drink wine for the same price. It is a conundrum somebody is going to have to solve, and fast, before the entire cinema landscape is changed forever. I don’t want to have the only thing playing at my local googaplex be the 19th attempt to make Harley Quinn a thing.


Then again, I am old, cynical, miserable and lazy now and can’t be bothered to go. So it’s probably my fault.

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