Word on the street is that all of Amber Heard’s scenes in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom are being deleted and flushed away forever. Now before we move on, I warn you that I am going to squeeze out as many poo puns into this article as I can.

Mera Is Dumped

According to trusted Hollywood insider KC Walsh, a meeting between Warner Bros’ top brass have decided that Heard has no place in their latest superhero underwater adventure and will likely sink the film like a brown anchor.

If these rumours are true and Warner Bros have decided Heard has got to go, it will be confirmed soon with the latest test screenings. In principle, test screenings are kept secret, with viewers signing confidentiality agreements, however these things do seem to leak out.

Amber Heard 1
Is Amber now a stain on Hollywood?

Sacrificed To The Porcelain Gods

DC’s CinemaCon presentation showcased a featurette that revealed that Aquaman number 2 will centre around the hero reluctantly teaming up with Orm the Ocean Master to take on Black Manta.

Walsh’s rumour suggests Mera may die during childbirth at the start of the movie, and as Aquaman’s son is a major plot point they can’t edit him out. So after Mera has dropped the kid off at the pool, she will logged out and her death will happen off-screen, allowing the storyline to remain intact.

Amber Heard 2
It would appear Amber’s star… fish is waning.

Pinching Off An Alternative Rumour

Apart from Walsh’s scoop, I also heard that Warner Bros are considering recasting the beautiful Blake Lively as Mera and doing some late reshoots.

Personally, I prefer this idea because Mera has an integral role in Aquaman’s world so Warner Bros should be careful not to drop a deuce and panic so early on.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively deserves a big payload if she is to play Mera.

If Warner Bros are finally getting their shit together since Discovery made a huge deposit into their bank accounts with the merger, releasing Mera to the kraken seems like a short sighted move going forward.

I suppose we’ll have to just and wait to see if there’s a ring of truth to these rumours. Hopefully someone at a test screenings will be able to open the gates to the story and wipe away these soiled rumours.

Amber Heard Aquaman 2
That’s enough puns for one day.

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