The champ is down! Ever since streaming started, Netflix has been the #1. The biggest kid on the block. Now in the US, Amazon Prime Video has passed Netflix as the top subscription streaming outlet in the U.S.


This is according to research firm Parks Associates. They don’t disclose their methodology to prevent providers from gaming the system. In their research they found Netflix slipped to second, with Hulu third, Disney+ fourth, HBO Max fifth, ESPN+ sixth, Paramount+ seventh, Apple TV+ eighth, Peacock ninth and Starz tenth.


Globally the picture looks a little different. Amazon has more than 200 million Prime members, but Netflix continues to lead with over 223 million subscribers, with Disney+ not far behind with 164.2 million globally.

The Prime Video picture is, or course, always slightly different as that comes attached to Amazon’s free delivery offering meaning next day – or even same dame – delivery isn’t charged for millions of products. This means it can pay for itself rapidly, or at least makes it easier to justify the costs.

Already many streamers have “tentpole” content which drives multiple subscriptions. This has caused the cost of covering all your bases to be on par with the premium cable offerings that many cancelled when streaming started to take off.

A period of consolidation is expected at some point in the future, particularly with a looming recession driving people to evaluate their spending on luxury items like entertainment. Some speculation has swirled around a Universal and Paramount merger at studio level, that would bring Top Gun and Fast And Furious under the same roof, but also allow Paramount+ and Peacock to consolidate.

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