Tom Clancy’s Spy Is Back

Amazon Prime’s hit series Jack Ryan is coming back with a brand new second season.

The show stars John Krasinski who portrays CIA analyst Jack Ryan. The show captures the journey of Ryan’s rise from a from desk analyst to fully-fledged action spy who travels the world to foil a Middle Eastern terrorist plot against the United States.

The new season of the series is still in post-production at present, but that hasn’t prevented Amazon from releasing this trailer:

The new season synopsis states:

Jack Ryan confronts the forces in power in a dangerous, declining democratic regime in South America.”.

This new series will see Ryan focus on the problems in South America. and the second season will be in sync with both Tom Clancy’s novel and the movie Clear And Present Danger. In the book, Ryan takes on the South American drug trade, whilst exposing corruption within the U.S. Government.

Krasinski returns along with Wendell Pierce, and Abbie Cornish in the roles they portrayed in the first season. John Hoogenakker is made a series regular in season 2. Michael Kelly and Noomi Rapace will join the existing cast. They will also be joined by Jovan Adepo, Cristina Umaña, and Jordi Molla.

I was a massive 24 fan, and this show scratches that same itch. I enjoy Tom Clancy’s books and I’m delighted that they’re giving it a modern-day twist. It’s not a masterpiece by any means, but it’s great TV.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will finally return on November 1st.

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