Nothing Stays Hidden

God bless the internet!  Nothing stays secret for long out there in cyberspace. Now in a fast breaking leak that is popping up everywhere online it turns out that details about Colin Trevorrow’s Star Wars: Episode IX are in the open.

Remember that Trevorrow was the original director in the chair for the final episode.  Hot off the back of the financial smash-hit that was Jurassic World, he was yet another director that Kathleen Kennedy’s Lucasfilm ended up parting company with after starting work.  It’s almost like they had some kind of problem over there?

Rumored to be unhappy with what Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi (which we helpfully rewrote here) left him to work with, he exited and J.J Abrams went on to rework, rewrite and do-over Episode IX to eventually become The Rise Of Skywalker.

A full breakdown of Trevorrow and Derek Connolly’s script appeared on Reddit originally.  It was soon identified as coming from filmmaker, DVD producer, and YouTuber Robert Meyer Burnett.  Then The Playlist confirmed this was accurate from multiple sources.

On With The Show

Star Wars: Duel Of The Fates began with The First Order using an iron fist to cut off all communication between planets to suppress a rising rebellion.  This was apparently inspired by Luke’s stand at the Battle of Crait.

The Resistance’s have to re-open interplanetary communications to call a suppressed galaxy to arms against their oppressors.

At the (famed in Star Wars lore) Kuat Shipyards the first scenes see Finn, Rose, and BB8 steal a Star Destroyer full of old Imperial weapons and vehicles.  Finn sees a fallen Stormtrooper without his helmet on and recognizes him from his former life, giving him internal conflict for the movie.

Kylo Ren is missing, hidden away on Mustafar, dishevelled, stubble and haunted by Luke’s force ghost.  He finds a hidden message from Palpatine in Vader’s temple instructing Vader to take Luke to the Remnicore System to see Palpatine’s teacher Tor Valum in the event of Luke ever toppling Palpatine.

The Holocron detects Kylo isn’t Vader and explodes in red lighting to injure Ren.  Leia force senses this proving her connection to her son is still there.

Rey is still having nightmares involving her own connection to Kylo. In Luke’s old Jedi texts there is mention of a Force Beacon.  This is left over from the Clone Wars and is a hidden Jedi system capable of sending a signal that cannot be blocked to over 50 other systems.

This is under the Jedi Temple on a now enemy-occupied Coruscant.

Force ghost Luke appears to help Rey train.  Kylo returns to Coruscant and argues with Hux before throwing the Vader mask off a balcony, forever breaking his infatuation with the fallen Sith.  He then travels to see the 7000-year-old Tor Valum and begins training with him.

The Resistance splits into two missions, as is tradition for Star Wars at this point.  The first has Rey, Poe and Chewbacca going to the planet Bonadan to find “…guidance for Rey.”

The second team is Rose, Finn, R2 and 3PO who set out to activate the force beacon under the Jedi Temple.

The Knights of Ren attempt to stop team one.  They reach Bonadan and thanks to the visions of Kylo she has been having a Force Seer extracts a star chart from these visions.  Rey defeats the Knights in a where a Seer manages to extract a star chart out of Rey’s mind from her visions with Kylo. The Knights of Ren show up and fight Rey in a lightsaber battle.

The second team are successful at activating the beacon.  The First Order manage to cut it off and pursue them into Coruscant’s underworld which is now even seedier due to living under the oppressive regime.

Finn and Rose are captured and at a POW camp Rose is interrogated by Hux. Finn, having recruited defecting Stormtroopers like him and encouraged them to fight back, springs her from the camp.

Rey and Kylo battle when it becomes clear that Snoke ordered Ren to kill Rey’s parents.  As Rey gains the upper hand attempts are made to save Ben and turn him back.  These fail and Ben dies.

The End Is Nigh

The final battle is between Leia’s forces and the First Order over Coruscant and on the ground in the streets.  Chewie flies an X-Wing.  The Resistance is victorious and the First Order is defeated, freeing the galaxy.

Finn and Rose taking all the Force-sensitive youth to a remote planet.  Rey becomes their mentor and master.  This apparently includes “broom boy”.

So there it is.  More details are available in various places online but that summary gives the major beats and threads.  It is easy to see where a number of key ideas in Abrams’ version The Rise Of Skywalker came from.

What do you think?  An improvement?