HBO has revealed the full-length official trailer for a documentary mini-series titled Allen V. Farrow, which premieres this week.


The documentary from the award-winning filmmakers Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering focusses on filmmaker Woody Allen, examining his scandals and legal troubles over the decades.

In 1992, Allen was found to have been having an intimate relationship with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn. In the same eight-month period, Dylan Farrow, who was seven at the time, accused Allen of sexually assaulting her. Allen has denied the allegations many times and has not been charged with a crime.

The four-part HBO series delves into the controversy, the accusation of sexual abuse against Allen involving Dylan, their subsequent custody trial, the revelation of Allen’s relationship with Farrow’s daughter, and the controversial aftermath in the years that followed.

Speaking about the docuseries with The New York Times, filmmaker Kirby said –

“It had been so extensively covered and a lot of our work goes into new cases,”

“But as we got into it, we found there was a great deal more. We pivoted because we realised the full story had never gotten out.”

The docuseries includes new investigative work pieced together via intimate home movie footage, court documents, police evidence, revelatory videotape, and never-before-heard audio tapes, exclusive, in-depth interviews on the subject with Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow, Ronan Farrow, family friend Carly Simon, prosecutor Frank Maco, relatives, investigators, experts, and other first-hand eyewitnesses. Many of whom are speaking publicly about the events for the first time.

The rise of the #MeToo movement resulted in the spotlight being trained back on Allen, and as a result, Amazon dropped his movie A Rainy Day In New York, his last film to find distribution in the US was Wonder Wheel in 2017, and several actors who had recently worked with Allen publicly voiced regret.


HBO will premiere the Allen V. Farrow doc series streaming starting February 21st.