Jonathan Pryce and Laurence Fishburne have joined the cast of All The Old Knives at Amazon Studios. They join leads Chris Pine and Thandie Newton.

Based on Olen Steinhauer’s acclaimed novel the story follows Henry (Pine) and Celia (Newton). They were colleagues, and lovers, during thier time together at the CIA station in Vienna. Celia has now left, is married and settled down in Carmel, California. Henry is still with the Vienna station. They meet for dinner in Carmel and to reminisce over old times.

As they talk about their time in Vienna they inevitably begin to discuss the mission that went wrong. The hijacking of Royal Jordanian Flight 127. The plane landed at Vienna and after a tense stand-off everyone on board was killed. It is the greatest failure of the Vienna station and a stain on the history of the CIA. It becomes clear that Henry has been tasked to close out the cold case from years ago.

As a sumptuous dinner in a classy restaurant unfolds, it emerges that neither has been completely honest with the other and, eventually, that maybe both of them won’t make it out of the restaurant alive.

Steinhauer adapted the script while Matt Jackson, Steve Schwartz, Paula Mae Schwartz and Nick Wechsler produce.

I finished reading this book myself just a few days ago and can report back to my fellow Outposters that it’s staggeringly good. So economically told. It really is mostly two people at dinner talking, with varying flashbacks sometimes telling the same story depending on the narrator’s point of view. It twists and turns as it unfolds. Highly recommended.