Making movies is hard work, there are production costs, special effects, location shoots, it’s all very complex and probably pretty stressful. It also doesn’t help if your main star, say Ezra Miller, goes around getting arrested.

Miller has been cast in the new Fantastic Beasts movie, and also The Flash which is set for release next year. However, that might be all he’s working on for the foreseeable future.

Miller was reported to have choked out a fan in Iceland at the beginning of 2020 and, more recently, got himself arrested in Hawaii. It now turns out that Warner Brothers have had an emergency meeting about him. According to Rolling Stone, they are:

“…to hit pause on any future projects involving Miller including possible appearances in the DC Cinematic Universe”

According to other reports, it seems Miller has been a bit of a nightmare on set, as well as off. While shooting The Flash, allegedly, the actor would have “frequent meltdowns”, which never resorted to violence, but:

“Ezra would get a thought in his head and say, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’”

Don’t know what you’re doing on set or don’t know how to behave like a normal human being offset?

The Flash isn’t due out for another year, so, things may blow over for Miller. On the other hand, he might end up on death row, who knows?

Do you know what would be good right now? A buddy cop movie with Ezra Miller and Will Smith. I would pay to see it!

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