Noah Hawley’s upcoming Alien TV series is both anticipated and dreaded in equal measure. Everyone loves an Alien adventure, but everyone has also still got the foul taste of some of the franchise entries in their mouths. Will Hawley’s be a Michelin starred Aliens feast, or an Alien vs Predator shit sandwich?


The other Fox extraterrestrial killer, Predator, had something of a relaunch a few days ago that many people enjoyed, also on a streaming platform. Can Fox as part of Disney and Hulu and FX pull it off for Alien?

Chairman of FX, John Landgraf, has been speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the show. He said all of Hawley’s scripts were delivered up-front so there can be a release quite quickly after the 2023 filming wraps on the series.

He also said the tone and experience they were aiming for was similar to watching Ridley Scott and James Cameron’s films for the first time, but with key differences in personnel:

“Noah decided not to take Ripley or any character from Alien – except perhaps the xenomorph itself – but go back and figure out what made the franchise so great and so durable in the first place and see if he could find an experience that felt like walking into a theater and seeing one of those first two movies, where you get caught off-guard. That’s all I can say at this point, though.”

He went on to say that an old touchstone, the Weylan-Yutani corporation, will feature but they will not be the only entity like that to appear:

“The Alien cinematic universe is that it’s a world where that’s sort of dominated by large corporate entities, and Weylan-Yutani has been an important component of the movies.

There are references to that corporation in this show. But it actually takes place in the territory of a different corporation that Noah invented.”

The show will be set on Earth sometime later this century. Some comments coming out of the studio were that it will feature the Xeno on Earth for the first time. Does this mean they are disavowing the Alien vs Predator movies? Or do the suits not know their own lore?


They are unlikely to abandon the Prometheus and Covenant lore as Ridley Scott is an Executive Producer on the new show.

After a series of disappointing entries in both Predator and Alien franchises, are we about to see both get a new life on streaming?

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