Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series of young adult novels have sold twenty million copies worldwide.  Harry Potter, but about spies instead of wizards, is tailor made for both Dads and sons everywhere.

An orphaned teen boy who lives with his wealthy guardian uncle and attends an expensive private school, where he studies languages, technology and politics while excelling at sport.

When his uncle is not on regular business overseas, they engage in many adventurous activities together.  Motocross, skiing, scuba diving, car racing, boxing, shooting, climbing, and martial arts.

When his uncle fails to return from a business trip the truth is revealed.  Not only was his uncle one of the government’s top intelligence operatives, but all these extreme hobbies and premium education have been for a reason.  To prepare Alex for the tasks ahead.

After 2006’s attempt at a movie with Stormbreaker flopped, a potential franchise was shelved.

Now Eleventh Hour Films and Sony Pictures Television have created an eight part series for TV.

Sony released a teaser back in October that we reported on here.  This week they have released the full trailer.

Otto Farrant (Mrs. Wilson) stars as Rider and they are going to provide an origins story but skip the first adventure in favour of the second novel – Point Blanc.

The Borgias writer Guy Burt is behind the script, with Das Boot director Andreas Prochaska behind the camera.  Sony have funded this themselves and US broadcasters and streamers are currently bidding.