Moviephiles everywhere love it. In Austin TX women were scared of it. It’s the Alamo Drafthouse!

Home of movies and munchies. I can’t go because I am getting old and drinking beer would make me miss half the movie in the restroom.

For those of you who don’t have the bladder of a pensioner, their founder and CEO Tim League has a plan. He’s determined to make their theaters the safest movie going experience around as they lift the shutters after the Coronavirus close down.

He claims their new processes will make going to the Drafthouse:

“…one of the safest possible indoor activities, (…) safer than a supermarket”.

The plan is that you will be able to leave your car, make it to your seat, enjoy your food and drinks, and be able to leave:

“…having never come within six feet of another person other than when your order is delivered”.

Zero human interaction? OK, this is getting more appealing if, like me, you have probably enjoyed lockdown more than you should. Online ticketing only will enforce a six feet buffer zone between groups while food must also be pre-ordered with tickets.

Processes will mean you never have to touch anything apart from your chair and table. These will be sanitized between screenings. Guests will be required to wear masks, except when eating and drinking which kind of defeats the object of the whole endeavour but let’s roll with this.

Employees will wear masks and gloves, have their temperatures taken before work and be required to wash their hands at least every 30 minutes. Just like the hookers I get when I go to Vegas.

Trial locations will open in July. No word yet on whether they will be successful in keeping the other creeping menace alongside COVID out of their Austin theater.