I don’t understand Hollywood. There is a smoking crater where Star Wars and Star Trek used to be. Still, JJ Abrams gets handed the keys to the DCEU over at Warner Bros. On TV the Star Trek damage is similar.

Just like with the cinematic franchise there is one name that keeps appearing in the damage reports from the front-line. Akiva Goldsman. Yet the work keeps flowing.

Star Trek

Batman And Robin, Lost In Space, Transformers: The  Last Knight, The Dark Tower. All infamous events with his name on them. For TV Trek it’s Star Trek: Discovery and, horror of horrors, Star Trek: Picard.

Star Trek: Picard was loved by critics, but hated by fans. Yet more evidence of the growing schism between the customer and the industry. Fans disliked what it did to well-loved characters as it collapsed in on itself in a Romulan-ninja featuring, virtue-signaling mess.

Now, after time has passed, I remember fat Data and space flowers. I remember a prick-tease of a final battle that never was, and starship design so lazy that the whole of Starfleet apparently flies the same model.

Star Trek

Outside of that, nothing. Just un-memorable dead-space somewhere in my brain.

However, the delusion of Hollywood knows no bounds. Akiva Goldsman himself thinks the world needs more of this version of Star Trek. He has gone even further and claimed the Star Trek franchise is like the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of output.

Seeing the movie version failing to fly, the TV version limping ever onwards, you may be forgiven for thinking the whole franchise is tired and needs a rest. According to Goldsman, this is wrong. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he claimed:

“…you can never have enough Star Trek shows…”

He then went on to make his bold claims:

“I can’t speak for CBS. Look, we all do the same thing, which is to look at the example that really works — like, you cannot have enough Marvel shows.

I’m waiting for Falcon and the Winter Soldier tomorrow, and I watched the Loki trailer 19,000 times. So with that as the example, you can never have enough Star Trek shows. — but we’ve all seen the other side where it doesn’t work.

Star Trek has that heart-space for some people, especially now, after the world was revealed for being worse than we thought it was, I’m a big believer in hard-won happy endings. It doesn’t mean it’s not hard getting there, but I’m just going to choose to believe that there can be good outcomes.”

Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Star Trek: Picard season 2, Star Trek: Discovery, Nickelodeon animated project, Star Trek: Prodigy, a new movie set for 2023.

Well, Mr. Goldsman, it looks as if your theory is about to be put to the test.

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