Face facts, meat sack. You are obsolete. Everything you ever do, every decision you ever make, every outcome you ever deliver is all nothing but data based decision making. That’s all it is. And now the thing that James Cameron tried to warn us about so many times is actually here.  We are being replaced.

This will be explored by Velvet Buzzsaw, Nightcrawler and Roman J. Israel, Esq. director Dan Gilroy. His new project is forming up. He has written a script and it will be shopped to studios soon.

Dan Gilroy

Faster, Cheaper, Better covers 20 years of American history from the point of view of multiple characters. As automation, computing robotics and AI spread across the American workplace we will see a union foreman, a young entrepreneur, an indoor farm executive, and a tech billionaire all struggle with the impact the creeping revolution has.

Gilroy is casting now. A production start date has not been set but this will be his next project. Studios are said to be circling.